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Reel Youth Afterschool Programs

fun hands-on film activities

Reel Youth is excited to work alongside CAYA Central Area Youth Association, Rainier Valley Leadership Academy, and St. Therese Academy to offer fun and interactive film classes afterschool.

Students are invited once a week in March to participate in the Reel Youth Afterschool film program! This exploratory program offers a unique opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of storytelling through filmmaking. With fun, Interactive, hands-on instruction from industry professionals, Reel Youth will collaborate with local filmmaking specialists to teach and mentor students in acting, writing, directing, production design, and stunt coordination.

The exercises will offer real-world experience to students as they are encouraged to experiment, explore and engage with various filmmaking departments and technologies.

Central Area Youth Association (CAYA)



Rainier Valley Leadership Academy (RVLA)

St. Therese Catholic Academy

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St. Therese Academy LOGO - Color - HORIZONTAL-1.png

CAYA Central Area Youth Association students learn about special effects makeup and how to create a ghoulish look for camera. Photos by Taryn Graham


Rainier Valley Leadership Academy scholars prepare to block out a shot sequence.

St. Therese Catholic Academy students learn how to safely film stunts and basic fight choreography for film. Photos by Taryn Graham

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