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Summer Camp


Age 15-17

Cost: Students will receive a $150 stipend after completion of the 5-day camp

Date: August 7-11

Time: 9:30am-3:30pm

Location: Langston Hughes 

104 17th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Calling all aspiring filmmakers aged 15-17! Join us for an exciting summer experience that will take your filmmaking skills to the next level. 🎬


This year's Summer Film Camp, we focus on intermediate to advanced students who are passionate about the art of filmmaking. Get ready to dive into the fundamentals of the craft and unlock your creative potential!

Throughout the camp, you'll collaborate with a team of fellow students to bring your unique ideas to life. From writing a captivating script to capturing stunning footage, and finally editing it all together, you'll gain hands-on experience in every aspect of the filmmaking process.

But that's not all!


Our ultimate goal is to submit your collective masterpiece to the prestigious Seattle Film Summit. Imagine seeing your film on the big screen and sharing your talent with a wider audience! 🌟

With the guidance of industry professionals and experienced instructors, you'll receive personalized instruction and invaluable insights. From cinematography techniques to storytelling methods, you'll develop the skills needed to create a compelling film that stands out.

So, if you're ready to unleash your creativity, make new friends who share your passion, and take a leap into the world of filmmaking, join us at Reel Youth Summer Film Camp. Your journey to becoming a filmmaker starts here!


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