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Tiffany Bennett


Like Reel Youth, I am a product of free programming. It made a huge impact in my life as a youth of color. It kept me safe, busy, and out of trouble. 

"Honestly, Free programming saved my life". 


I would like other children of color to have those same opportunities. 

Creating a program like Reel Youth to empower BIPOC youth to be the next generation of visual storytellers. The importance of BIPOC youth learning to research, discuss and write about topics specifically related to our communities. 

Sequencing basic visual arts techniques through their POV. These future filmmakers will be able to develop films that preserve their stories. 

Obadiah Freeman


Obadiah Freeman is an Actor from Seattle, Washington. He studied Cinema Arts and Science at Columbia College Chicago and began working in the Seattle Film and TV production industry in 2014. Obadiah performs on stage as a company member at Seattle's longest-running Improv theater Unexpected Productions and is represented for the screen by Topo Swope Talent in the Pacific Northwest.

Ben Leiataua

Ben Leiataua is a filmmaker, producer, singer, and actor. Ben works as the Program Manager for The Rainier Arts Center (A SEEDArts Program) a community arts space serving Southeast Seattle Artists & Cultural organizations and creatives.


Ben taught music for over 15 years with the Samoan Congregational Church in San Francisco. He was a cultural resource and artist instructor for many Seattle programs such as; More Music at the Moore, Dance This, Town Hall Cultural Series, and Folk Life Festival to name a few. Ben has over 35 credits as a filmmaker in front of, and behind the lens - IMDB Filmography 


In 2019 Ben co-founded Hard Out Media, LLC, a video production company with a primary focus on promoting and producing BIPOC content and narratives.


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